Ocean Avenue MLM Review from Skinny B Direct, Bryan Scott Oedzes and Carla Bolin!

The Skinny B Fam!

So, the real question on most people minds if they are on the business side of this opportunity, is how is the money, right? How is the compensation plan? The comp plan is a new hybrid, which basically combines the best features of a binary and a unilevel program, which we here at Skinny B refer to as a Binalevel. This type of plan is newest style to the hit the MLM industry, but it is also quickly becoming the most sought after. Why, because on the front end it pays like a binary, which means strong money early on for new distributors. This is essential to build team trust and confidence while motivating and encouraging newer team members.

After the first two orders are placed, those product commissions then role into a long-term unilevel structure that builds incredible residual income streams for those who plan to see this opportunity through for 3, 5, 1o years and beyond. This assures there is a strong incentive for top-tier distributors to stick around. Anyone who has been around MLM for awhile knows what happens if top leadership starts eyeing new opportunities, so having the automatic unilevel plan in place serves as a deterrent for any of the upline leaders to chase “greener” pastures. What does this mean for you, it means you will experience a strong sense of team, trust, caring and community when you come aboard at OA, and you won’t have to worry about a great mentor leaving down the road when you need them the most!

There is a lot more information that we can and will share with you, from the wonderful products (featured on Dr. Oz), to the founders at OA, and their really cool vacation club (just like frequent flyer programs), but it’s all just too much to cover here, so we hope you will check us out at www.skinnybdirect, where you can find more information on Ocean Avenue, and where you will have the oppountity to fill out a contact form and speak to Carla and I directly. We look forward to speaking with you soon!!



About Bryan Scott & Carla Bolin

Carla and I are seasoned direct selling/home based business entrepreneurs, and we are here on Wordpress to help you navigate through the MLM world with clarity and a little humor along the way! You can check out all kinds of additional information at www.skinnybdirect.com!
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