The Real Deal on Veal

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What Sets Dutch Valley Apart From All The Rest

1.) All Milk Fed, and 100% U.S. Holstein Cattle
a. The Holstein Bred assures the most tender meat
b. All milk fed, means white, tender, moist and humane
i. You wouldn’t feed solid food to a 6 month old, and you can’t humanely feed grass or grain to a young calf!
c. No growth promtants or feed antibiotics are used

2.) Humane Production
a. We give all our calves freedom of movement and the ability to naturally groom themselves
b. However, we provide enclosures and safe zones to protect them from harmful bullying and other adolescent behavior
c. All our animals are seen on farm weekly, surpassing the American Veterinarian Medical Association, the American Bovine Practitioners Association, and the American Veal Association’s guidelines by an astonishing 2200%.

3.) Local and Sustainable
a. All our calves our sourced from within 300 miles of our plant, assuring limited transport times and stress
b. All our producers raise no more than 260 animals, assuring us the lowest caretaker to animal ratio in ALL of animal agriculture
c. We use ONLY dairy ingredients, these are the by-products of cheese production and milk manufacturing. The products we use could otherwise end up in our landfills

Our Veal is the highest in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B, the lowest in calories and fat, it contains no meat binders or substitutes, no water and salt solutions, and is local, humane and sustainable, while providing the whitest, most tender veal available in North America. All backed by 5 generations of the Oedzes Family overseeing all aspects of production and processing, since 1944! USDA Establishment #167…..THAT IS EXPERIENCE, which no one can match, PERIOD! 1-800-832-VEAL. And on the web at,


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