About Us – Bryan Scott Oedzes, Carla Bolin and Team Skinny B


Welcome to our WordPress blog! Carla and I are seasoned direct selling/home based business entrepreneurs, and we are here on WordPress to help you navigate through the MLM and Direct selling world with some clarity and a little humor along the way!

It can often be difficult to find information on the companies and products in the $600 Billion Direct Selling Industry. When you google companies and their products you often find generic sales funnels, and scams, promising you everything from cures to cancer to thousands of dollars a day from working from home for just sending emails. We aren’t here to lower the price of gas, make you a millionaire while sitting on your couch, or fix global warming, nor are we going to promise you that we can!

What we will do is try to provide you with facts, (not hype) on some of the products and companies that we have found to be reputable after 7 years in this business. We will also attempt to give you some simple tips and pointers on what drives success in this industry, and what has fueled our personal success.

We look forward to taking this journey with you! For more info, check us out at http://www.skinnybdirect.com

Great Life


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