Bryan S. Oedzes Biography (Bryan Scott)


Bryan S. Oedzes, or Bryan Scott as many people know him is what many people call a serial entrepreneur. He has started over a half-dozen companies and sales organizations in very diverse industries, from fine foods to green energy, from high net worth money management to natural health care and beauty products.

Bryan has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and in countless magazines and on radio shows nationwide. He has been a paid and featured speaker at events including the Annual conferences of the State and Agricultural Rural Leaders (SARL), a conference of state and federal lawmakers from rural areas, the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA), and the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Bryan spends much of his time today building high-powered sales teams for companies on the Inc. 1000 list of fastest growing companies. He has a proven system of rapid sales organization deployment that allows these high growth companies to focus on their core products, knowing the sales infrastructure is there to support new product roll outs.

To find out more about Bryan, some of the companies he is representing today, or to inquire about his consulting services you can visit:, and

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Ocean Avenue Products and Recipes (Empower)

Franco CavaleriEMPOWER Franco Cavaleri

Hawaii Dinner

Today we’d like to focus on Ocean Avenue’s Empower, the worlds most powerful, all natural anti-inflammatory!

EMPOWER is an innovative breakthrough anti-inflammatory and immune system support supplement empowering your body through our unique patent-pending Nanofractionate formula which may offer relief from discomfort, swelling and other common ailments associated with systematic inflammation.

EMPOWER’s nutrient-gene activity provides anti-aging support by protecting the disulfide bonds in connective tissues throughout the body.

There is nothing like EMPOWER to promote recovery, regeneration and rebuilding of tissues.

* Helps Alleviate Chronic Inflammation
* Helps Relieve Stiffness in Joints
* Supports Immune System Efficiency
* Supports Anti-Aging
* Helps Support Healthy Bones and Joints

You can review the full scientific white paper here:

You can also watch a three minute product overview here:

Ocean Avenue Product Recipes can be found on our website here:

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Ocean Avenue News: Ocean Avenue Continues Explosive Growth

Franco Cavaleri Great Life

Ocean Avenue recently released some initial numbers on their first month in business. The company did a little over $1 million dollars in product sales, and has almost 2000 active Ambassadors. Recent information suggests that they did over $2 million in December and now have over 7000 active associates. These are rock star numbers in the MLM industry!

However to me what is the most exciting is how they arrived at those numbers. Although the products are solid, and the compensation plan rewards MLM Pros and the average networker, it is the cause or crusade behind the company that seems to be the common denominator when I talk to management all the way through to new Ambassadors in the field. Ocean Avenue is so focused on bringing back Hope and Opportunity to Middle America families and they have truly figured out a way to do it.

Furthermore, they are not limiting this crusade to just Ambassadors, they are also focusing on customer retention right out of the gate. They are truly a customer and associate first company. Their three and free program focuses 100% on customers, and customers are allowed to get BOTH free product and accumulate points towards their own free vacation. More on the Free Vacations program will be coming soon in another post, but let’s just say if you like the sun and fun, this is THE program.

I fell in love with this company and the passion of the founders and their families. Paige Anderson the founder of Shine Brite Kids and the president of Shine Brite Kids, Chris John are involved and they are going to lead a kids leadership program for every family who is involved with Ocean Avenue. Shine Brite Kids is the strategic partner working with Ocean Avenue to create the Kids Zone Program.

Now I know some of you reading this editorial, or checking out our website,, or will not have the same faith as me, or even hold the same principles or values, and I want you to realize I take that to heart. What I want you to do is hold off on passing judgement until you have spent a little time on our sites looking, learning, and listening. Although we all do not hold the same values and principles, one thing we all hold dear is our desire to change our lives and our families lives for the better, and this is at the core of the Ocean Avenue mission,

Ocean Avenue may never be the right company for some of you. But what I want you to realize is there is a direct selling company that is right for you, and I hope that we could be a small part of your journey in finding it!

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Are Energy Aggregation Deals Your Best Rate Bet in IL?



A new approach for many third-party energy suppliers in deregulated energy markets is to cut deals with large cities and municipalities setting one rate for electricity for their entire customer base. While competition always benefits consumers, it is important to note that you will almost never get the best rate entering into one of these aggregation deals. If it’s simple and the local government is involved, it won’t be the best deal available!

Recently, the City of Chicago entered into an agreement with Integrys Energy to offer a fixed rate of 5.42 cents per kWh to residential and small commercial accounts within the Chicago city limits. This is just the latest example of aggregation that is easy for the consumer, but isn’t the best rate, or best for our environment.

Smart consumers who are willing to do a little researwork will almost always do better buying and choosing for themselves then choosing one of these ones size fits all group deals. We understand that many of you may have questions, so I have summarized the information publicly provided by the City of Chicago on its website.

The following are a few bullet points for you about how the aggregation deal impacts your choice in electricity:

1.This is an opt-out aggregation: This aggregation only applies to residential and small commercial (less than 15,000 kWh per year) customers who are ComEd delivery and supply customers.

2.Viridian’s current rate is more attractive than the rate offered to customers through the aggregation deal: Viridian’s current 6-month fixed residential rate of 5.29 cents per kWh is extremely competitive with the aggregation’s fixed rate of 5.42 cents per kWh. Moreover, Viridian is offering a 12-month fixed commercial rate of 5.42. This means that Illinois customers can select a rate that is the same as or better than the City of Chicago aggregation rate while still receiving the sustainable benefits of Everyday Green energy from Viridian.

3.Those who opt out can still switch to Viridian: For ComEd delivery and supply customers, the opt-out deadline is Wednesday, Jan. 9, in order to not be switched to Integrys. Please note, however, that customers eligible to opt out will be allowed to switch to Viridian at a later date and will not incur cancellation fees from Integrys.

For more information about the City of Chicago aggregation agreement, Viridian, or deregulated energy and energy choice, you can fill out our contact form at, visit our Viridian website at, or reach out to us on Facebook at

There is also unbiased and independent information on energy choice and approved vendors in IL, direct from the Illinois Commerce Commission here:

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Com-Ed ENCOURAGES customers to seek BEST electricity rates in Ilinois (great news for Viridian)

Hawaii Dinner

ComEd finally endorses derugulated energy choice in Ilinois, great news for suppliers like Viridian!

On October 23, Illinois utility ComEd released a statement to show its support for its customers’ choice to switch energy providers, which residents have been benefiting from since the state implemented energy deregulation laws.

“ComEd supports and encourages customers to shop for electricity among the dozens of certified alternative suppliers. Customers should explore any opportunities to save money on their bills, whether that’s through shopping or energy efficiency,” said Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of the utility. “ComEd will still deliver electricity safely and reliably to every home and business in Northern Illinois, regardless of the customer’s choice of supplier.”

ComEd reiterated that it has no qualms with people switching electricity rates simply because it derives its revenue from delivering the electricity to homes and businesses throughout Illinois. The company added that customers will see no change in the quality of their power if they decide to switch.

“We have always supported electricity competition as a way to provide customers with greater choice and money-saving opportunities,” said Pramaggiore. “Competition keeps rates low.”

Illinois has benefited from a deregulated market since 1997, however it was not until 2006 that retail energy providers could easily market to residential customers.

You can visit us here to get the latest rates in IL from Viridian:

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Does the recent Yahoo email change have you seeing red?


Does Yahoo have you ready to explode after their recent email changes?? No, it’s not only you, and no their isn’t something wrong with your computer. Yahoo made substantial changes not just to the look of their email, but too important features and functionality, and they did without any notice or beta period.

Yahoo changed their format and layout today, with no notice to users. I am starting a campaign to ask Yahoo to revert back to the old format that worked so well. Please take a minute to like this page, and then share it with anyone and everyone you can! Social Media WORKS, if we can turn this VIRAL!

Yahoo Email should NOT be able to treat customers this way, please go to the link below and “like” this Facebook Page. I will then turn the page over to Yahoo and demand CHANGE! Thanks so much for your support!


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Viridian brings electricity rates down in IL this holiday season

Green Energy II

Residents in Frankfort, Illinois, will spend less to keep their Christmas lights illuminated this holiday season, now that customers are eligible to switch away from state utility ComEd, The Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the news source, as of November 5, residents of the village have the option to switch energy providers if they find an electricity rate that beats their current price. Village Manager Jerry Ducay stated that customers could see savings as high as 30 percent on their monthly bill. A typical customer who uses about 1,000 kilowatt hours every month would theoretically see a drop from $84 to $48.33.

“The main thing you’ll see is a lower rate, and isn’t that good news?” said Mayor Jim Holland.

The media outlet stated that the bulk of Frankfort’s 6,900 electric customers are expected to make the switch to a retail energy provider, however they can remain with ComEd if they wish.

Illinois has had energy deregulation laws in place for more than a decade, however residents are just now beginning to switch suppliers thanks to new online resources from the Illinois Commerce Commission that allow customers to compare electricity rates side by side.

Check out Viridian’s rates for IL here:

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Energy Deregulation and Viridian! (IL, PA, NY, NJ, MA, MD, DC, DE)

AtlantaGreen Energy  Green Energy III

If you live in one of almost 30 states energy deregulation is now law, and Viridian Energy is one of the leaders in this arena. What this means to you is CHOICE, choice on who you buy your electricity and/or gas from. This is a great victory for consumers, no different then 20 years ago when Ma Bell was split up and phone service became competitive, and new technologies flooded into the market, benefitting every one of us as consumers.

Today you can pick who supplies your energy, often for much less than the traditional utility in your area, and you can keep your same bill, and you will still have your lines and transmission of the energy taken care of by the local utility that you always have. Viridian is one of the company’s leading the way in this arena, offering choice, potential savings, and 20-100% GREEN energy to boot.

If you’d like to find out more, and you live in IL, PA, NJ, NY, MA, DE, MD or DC, please check out the link below, this will take you directly to our Viridian home page, where you can learn all about affordable and green electricity and gas options for your home or small business!

You can get more info, change your service, or even sign up as a distributor all through this one, easy link:

Did you know green energy can be less expensive than traditional energy methods, and that it’s available in many states, with no changes in your service provider, or your bill……we sure didn’t, meet Viridian:

Viridian Overview and Welcome Video:

Green Energy II

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Ocean Avenue’s Wheysmart is the #1 meal replacement shake in North America!

After looking at this chart it’s easy to understand why Wheysmart leaves ALL the competition in the dust.

For more information on Ocean Avenue products, great recipes, and a bunch of really bitchin’ information, visit us at:


OA Comparison Chart II

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Ocean Avenue Google and Facebook Integration Strategies

How To Facebook ‘Like’ Your Google Search

Written by Jeff Bullas

The web becomes more social every week as Google continues to evolve its  search engine by rolling out  a new +1 button that attempts to play  catchup with Facebook’s social proof  efforts and Bing displaying search results with links that have been Facebook “liked” by your friends.How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

The Facebook ‘like’ button has only been around 12 months and just announced  its first birthday that has seen millions of blogs and websites integrate the  Facebook ‘like’ button into their online DNA.

According to Facebook’s own statistics.

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, including  over 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore’s Global  Top 100 websites

An enterprising developer, has now come up with a simple plugin that  adds a Facebook ‘like’ button to every Google search result that shows

  • How many people liked each of the results
  • Who from your friends already have recommended it

How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

I have been trialling it over the past few days and it appears to work well  and very easily.

The Top 4 Features

  1. It provides you with a counter button telling you how many times someone has  Facebook ‘liked’ that particular link
  2. It displays you Facebook friends that have ‘liked’ it and you can click  through to their page
  3. You can ‘like’ the link on the search results page itself
  4. You can turn it off or hide the function

It certainly gives you an indication of the social proof of each result that  adds another dimension to a Google search.

To add it to your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser click  here. Check it out and tell me what you think.

You can visit us at:


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